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Vacant - We need you! 

Vice President
Vacant - We need you! 

Past President
Vacant - We need you!

Cheryl Feader

Pat Mar-Collier

Programming Director
Michele Cozart

Assistant Programming and CRC Coordinator
Rhonda Kirwan

Registration Coordinator

KeriLynn Dewar

Rentals Coordinator
Nikki Huber

Communications & Newsletter Coordinator
Lesia Payne

Rink Coordinator
Ron Zwarich

Social Events Coordinator
Brian Perrier

Civics/Community Safety Coordinator
Vacant - We need you! 

Grants and Fundraising Coordinator
Michele Grella

Website Director
Melanie Bartzen

Basketball Coordinator
Cori Smithen


Soccer Coordinator
Madison Kowerchuk-Webster

Equipment Coordinators
Vacant - We need you! 

Brownell School Representative
Vacant - We need you!

Saint Angela School Representative
Carrie Yurchuk

Silverwood Heights School Representative
Darcy Overland

Sister O'Brien School Representative
Angela Graham

Marion M. Graham School Representative
Lori Kleiboer

BJM High School Representative
Cori Smithen

Members at Large
Aaron Delorme

Nathan McCorkindale

Member at large #2-4 - Vacant! We Need you!

City of Saskatoon Community Consultant
Heidi Estrada (Area 4)

Northwest Community Liaison Officer
Cst. Jing Xiao - (306-975-2296)

Ward 5 Councillor
Randy Donauer

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