Summer fun in Saskatoon

Here’s a partial listing of events and activities at City of Saskatoon locations: Summer Youth Centres Sports, games, special events, and music are available to youth ages 10 to 18 from, July 4th to August 18th.   Arts Only Youth Centre is at Albert Community Centre. (see the Where to Play map for all locations)

Summer Playground Programs Children ages 2 to 12 from, July 4th to August 25th at 43 neighbourhood playgrounds/paddling pools.  Activities include games, water play, music, drama, special events, arts & crafts and story-telling. Paddling pools close when weather is colder than 14 C or if there’s heavy rain. (see the Where to Play map for all locations) Skateboard Sites Lions Skate Park is located in Victoria Park, 810 Spadina Cres W. This playground is unsupervised but has roving security at peak times. Open daily 8am – dusk. Satellite Skate Sites are open daily 8am – dusk and are located across the City at the following locations:

  • Morris T Chernesky Park (beside Shaw Centre)
  • WW Ashley Park (beside Lathey Pool)
  • Forest Park (beside Centennial Collegiate)
  • Charlottetown Park (behind Cosmo Civic Centre)
  • Lakewood Park (beside Lakewood Civic Centre)
  • Umea Park (beside Lawson Civic Centre)

Water fun

  • Paddling Pools weekend hours are 12:00 PM-5:00 PM
  • Spray Parks are now open daily 10:00 AM-8:00 PM
  • Outdoor Pools (George Ward, Riversdale, and Lathey) and Kinsmen Play Village are now open. For location information and hours of operation, visit and look under “P” for Pools. Note that Mayfair Pool will be closed this summer while a new pool is constructed.