We had so much interest in Core Fusion and Piloga, two new classes are available for you to try! Dates include: Piloga (Pilates/Yoga) Tues Nov 27 8-9 pm Brownell School small gym

Core Fusion Wed Dec 5 8:35-9:35 pm Sister O’Brien School Gym

Email Michele at to preregister for this class. Limited space in both programs so enroll now to avoid disappointment!

Core Fusion (essentrics/pilates combination class) (ages 17+) Core Fusion is a blend of the Essentrics and Pilates training systems. Both programs build a lean, toned muscle and flexibility and are great for core strength and postural alignment. The first half of the class will be standing using body weight and eccentric lengthening to build strength and endurance in the legs, hips and arms while the second portion of the class will focus on core muscles (abdominals and back). This class is a stable, slower moving, mindful workout that is perfect for those new to fitness, returning to fitness or for those looking for a strength challenge. This class is a music based workout that does not require shoes. Please bring a yoga mat.

Pilates/Yoga Combination Class Thursday (17+) “Piloga” Yoga was an Indian exercise developed for Indian male aristocracy and has over 500 exercises and countless varieties of instruction. Pilates was developed after World War II for recuperating soldiers and caught on in the dance world specifically in New York and focuses on core stability, strengthening as well as balance. Piloga is a fusion of the 2 principles. The instructor has 20 years experience as a fitness instructor and offers a mat class for all levels with modifications for injuries and every level of fitness. Resistance bands are provided. Please bring your own mat, a towel, and water.