Calling all handy men/women!

In an effort to maintain the infrastructure for the residents and visitors of Silverwood Heights both visually and for safety, the association has applied for and received funding through the City of Saskatoon to rebuild the Sr. O'Brien School Rink. The process will involve tearing down the old rink boards, stabilizing the posts and tightening the mesh, and reassembling the rink boards using pressure treated lumber.

In order to minimize disruption during school hours and for the safety of the children, we are looking at having two work bees. It is anticipated that the initial tear-down will begin on Friday late afternoon and then Saturday and Sunday (if needed).

The rebuild will happen shortly after the initial tear-down.

The majority of the work will involve swinging a heavier hammer to knock the old boards off and then hauling them to a nearby dumpster. So, if you have an appetite for destruction and want to burn off some energy, come on out and lend a hand to lighten the work load!

Food and refreshments will be served throughout the day!

If you cannot make it out, please consider sending your older children by to help out as well. Also, if you happen to have an extra sledge hammer or heavier hammer and/or prybar that you would kindly lend the association, please bring them out or let me know via email (

Barring any unforeseen circumstances such as heavy rain, please save the date for Friday Friday June 7th, Saturday June 8th, and possibly Sunday June 9th. We'd like to get started on Friday around 4:00pm and if you can't make it Friday, please try to make it out for Saturday.

If you could please let me know at your earliest convenience, this will ensure no one will be hungry or parched! Please RSVP to Cam (txt) 306-260-5113 or email.