A Successful BBQ in the Park

On Saturday September 7th, the Silverwood Heights Community Association hosted a BBQ picnic in the park between Ecole Sister O’Brien and Silverwood Heights School.  We would like to thank the many people from the neighbourhood who came out to enjoy the day.  It was great to look out onto the playground and see all of the activity on such a lovely day!   The weather was absolutely perfect and everyone had a great time.

The Executive would like to thank the following people for their contribution to the event:

  • Amy and Jessica Gerein for setting up a face painting table
  • Shannon Kenny for organizing games for the children
  • Tom Grummett for helping with the BBQ
  • Bob Baker for providing the music and for helping with the BBQ
  • Bob Turczyn for helping with the BBQ and the clean-up
  • Ecole Sister O’Brien for letting us use their school washroom, tables, chairs and garbage bins
  • Little Liam for your enthusiastic work selling candy and pop
  • Boryski’s Butcher Block Ltd for the use of the barbeque

We would also like to thank the following executive members:

  • Darcie Saunders who made arrangements with Boryski’s Butcher Block Ltd. for the barbecue, meat and buns.
  • Carmen Kaweski for picking up the pop, water, candy, condiments and chips
  • Michele Cozart for arranging for the use of Ecole Sister O’Brien
  • Om Kochar for getting corporate sponsorship for the event
  • Lori Kleiboer, Andrew Koehn, Swampna Tendulkar, Om Kochar, Lesia Payne, Carmen Kaweski and Keith Briant for helping out with the barbecue.