Installation of Photo Speed Enforcement

The City of Saskatoon is taking part in a two-year, province wide, pilot program on Photo Speed Enforcement and testing its effectiveness in reducing speeds in high risk locations. The pilot program includes two cameras; one rotating among five locations along Circle Drive, and another rotating through five school zones in the city.

Brownell School will be one of the school zones that will have a camera installed.

Photo Speed Enforcement uses a scanning laser and camera to identify speeding vehicles and then generate a speeding ticket. The citations are then reviewed by a member of the Saskatoon Police Service to certify their validity using the same discretion that is used on the roads when identifying speeding violations firsthand. The tickets will be issued through mail.

This program has proven effective in other jurisdictions in preventing traffic collisions, injuries, and deaths on roadways. It also reduces speeding and calms traffic in school zones. Automated enforcement does not replace physical enforcement, but is another tool to help keep speeds down and increase pedestrian, cyclist, and motorist safety.

The camera for the Brownell school zone will be located on Russell Road between Goerzen and Meilicke Road. Installation of the cameras and road signage is expected to get underway in the next week. We don’t expect the installation to cause any disruptions to your school.

Once the cameras are turned on, only warnings will be issued for the first two months. This is to build awareness about the program and to bring down speeds before fines are introduced. The goal of the program is to have 100 percent compliance with the speed limit, and accordingly increase the level of safety in school zones. Posted signs will clearly indicate the program is in effect so the citations shouldn’t be a surprise to motorists.

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City of Saskatoon