The SHCA is  happy to let you know that we are offering a drop in option for select classes that are able to accommodate them.  Please note that not all fitness classes have this option available - only the ones posted on the registration system.

Here are a few that are available for drop ins:

Insanity/PiYo Saturday

Saturday Trail Run 

Core in 30 Monday

Medball Blast

Total Body Sculpt Tuesday


TRX Combo Tuesday 

Butts and Guts Wednesday 6:00

Full Body Fitness Circuit Wednesday

Total Body Sculpt Plus Stretch Thursday

TRX Combo Thursday

Friday Night Fitness 

Saturday class drop in fees are $7 and weekday class drop ins are $5.  To make it easier on the instructor and our volunteer group, you must register online and pay online (credit card) for these options.  Register at  We are notified when a registration goes through so we will be able to pass along that information to the appropriate instructor.  Please let the instructor know that you are attending as a drop in.  If you have not completed a parq for that particular instructor you will have to fill one out then.

As well, always check the online calendar before attending a class on a drop in basis in case there is a last minute change. (

Call 306-321-7540 or email if you have questions.

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