SHCA Board Update

Last month the SHCA held our Annual General Meeting, our new and existing volunteers were elected into their roles!  Here is a list of the SHCA Governing Board members:

President – Chelsea Wright

Treasurer – Rhonda Kirwan

Secretary – Cheryl Feader

Programming Director – Michele Cozart

Assistant Programming and CRC Coordinator – Brenda McIntyre

Registration Coordinator - Angie Giesbrecht

Rentals Coordinator - Nikki Huber

Rink Coordinator – Ron Zwarich

Newsletter Coordinator – WE NEED YOU!

Website Director - Jennifer Brown

Basketball Coordinator- Cori Smithen

Soccer Coordinators - Sean Collins and Darcy Overland

Equipment Coordinator - Doug Medernach

Brownell School Representative - Jeremy Morrison-Fritz

Saint Angela School Representative – Stephanie Haines

Silverwood Heights School Representative - Darcy Overland

Marion M. Graham Collegiate School Representative - Lori Kleiboer

B.J.M. High School Representative - Cori Smithen

City of Saskatoon Community Consultant - Leanne Schellenberg

Northwest Community Liaison Officer - Cst. Jing Xiao - (306-975-2296)

Ward 5 Councillor - Randy Donauer


Contact information for all board members can be found at  Vacant positions are also listed, we are particularly interested in seeking a volunteer for the NEWSLETTER position at this time. If you are interested or know someone else who may be, please email Chelsea at

Silverwood Heights