Review of the Mexican cooking class

By L Payne

My mom and I signed up for the Mexican cooking class on a whim. We had recently been to Mexico, and have even been to a cooking class _in_ mexico. My husband LOVES Mexican food, as well, and so I thought going to this class would score me some brownie points at home. Well, it did that, and was a lot of fun to boot! 

The class was led by Ana Hernandez and her lovely daughter, Daysi. They were very lovely and approachable and what a wealth of knowledge! I'm sure they could have spent 6 hours teaching us all of their family secrets. But we were able to get quite a bit of knowledge, and lots of yummy food, from the 2 hour class held at 6:00pm in Marion M. Graham Collegiate on Feb 27th.   

The highlight of the evening, for me, was learning how to make refried beans. I'll be honest, I initially thought that all there was to it was blending up some beans! But there's a lot more to it than that! But not TOO much so that I won't be able to make it at home. I will now easily be able to make these at home and will enjoy experimenting with adding different meats and flavours. 

I also see plantains quite frequently at the supermarket and have only ever made plantain fritters with them. And I now have another few great ideas up my sleeve as to how to properly use those ... 

After we were literally stuffed with food, we were able to take some food home too, which I'm going to enjoy tonight for leftovers! Overall, the class was to the point, informative, and above all, exuded that infectious Latin warmth.  I would definitely sign up for a class like this again. 

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