Spring 2016 Registration

Spring 2016 Indoor Programming Registration will open on Sunday, March 6th at 7:00 pm online at registration.silverwoodcommunity.org.  Adult and Youth class schedules are now posted online at silverwoodcommunity.org/programs.  Please check schedules frequently - they are updated when we are notified of programming changes.

For your convenience we have co-ordinated a few children's and adult classes to run at the same time/location, Monday through Thursday evening!  Please take a look at the schedule and see if any of these work for your family.

Do you want to participate in classes with your children? We also offer a few family participation options for you: Sports Fun (3-5 year olds), Family Gym time (all ages & parent) and Yoga for the Family (5-10 year olds).  Tennis for the family is back as well! There are many programs to keep you and your family busy.  

A few things to keep in mind when planning your schedule:


  • Please remember that we cannot allow children to be present at adult fitness classes. Our rental contract does not allow this and with the number of people in classes and the fitness equipment that may be used, we do not want to risk any injuries.
  • Drop in classes are not guaranteed to be offered for each session.  We only consider drop in options in classes that the instructor agrees to and that have enough participants to run the class, but also enough room to allow an occasional person to join.
  • We are including registration in our expanded Summer 2016 classes this spring registration.  Spring registration will remain open throughout March and the Summer registration will remain open until June (dependent on availability).

Our Low Impact options continue to be extremely popular so for spring we have added another Low Impact class for you to choose from  -  Low Impact Core and More on Wednesdays!  Did you know that we offer classes on Saturdays? This spring we have a few returning Saturday classes (Low Impact & Sculpt; Running Group (Trails, Paths & Pavement); as well as Yoga).

We are one of the only community associations that offer summer programming!  We have a few new adult fitness classes added to our summer schedule - Tuesday and Thursday Morning Fitness classes (high/low impact classes) from 10:40-11:40 am; Wednesday Morning Run (Trails, Paths and Pavement Running Group) at 6:00 am followed by a Rise and Shine Yoga with Jordan from 7:15-8 am.

The Tuesday and Thursday morning Hi/Low Impact Fitness classes from 10:40-11:40 am will be held in the park behind St. Angela school. Holding the classes at this location will give you the opportunity to work out while your children (6-12 years of age only) will be able to stay with the City of Saskatoon Playground Program held at St. Angela School paddling pool (there is no charge for the playground program).  Unfortunately the City is not able to provide this supervision opportunity for children younger than six, so please make your own child care arrangements.  Remember for safety reasons children cannot participate in any SHCA adult fitness classes.

We hope you enjoy the classes we've arranged for you!

Silverwood Heights