Interested in an opportunity with the SHCA Board?

The SHCA has an immediate opening for the role of Treasurer

Role: Responsible for the overall financial matters of this Association.


1. Maintain the financial records of the Association in accordance with Canadian generally accepted accounting principles.

2. Prepare and present current financial statement in writing for presentation at monthly

Executive meetings.

3. Participate in the preparation of the annual budget and chair the finance committee.

4. Propose accountant or accounting firm to be responsible for year –end audit of the financial records, and present the audited financial statement to the Annual General

Meeting of the Association.

5. Record and deposit all incoming monies

6. Payment of all expenses incurred by the Association.

7. Coordinate the collection of registration fees and membership fees charged by the Association.

8. Signing authority for the Association bank accounts Review financial statements presented by the Directors/Committees and verify their accuracy.

9. Relinquish signing authority and return all funds, account information (hard copy and electronic form) and other Association property upon termination of office.

Time Commitment:  Intense

 Term of office is two years.

 Monthly expense meetings.

 Financial statements, regular banking procedures, and audit.

 Higher volumes of work expected during programming/soccer/basketball registration.

Skills Preferred: Accounting Skills

Orientation and Training:

1. Mentorship from President and previous treasurer.

2. Comprehension of succession plan document.

3. Volunteer Conference provided by the City of Saskatoon Community Services Department.


If you are interested in or have questions regarding this or any other opportunity with the SHCA, please contact Cam Kenny