SHCA Summer classes start June 27th! Register now

Silverwood Heights Community Association is happy to bring back Summer Outdoor Fitness  (ages 16+) classes!  The first session begins Monday, June 27.  This summer we are offering the following classes:


Outdoor Bootcamp Monday 6-7 pm

Low Impact and Sculpt Monday 7:10-8:10 pm


Tuesday morning fitness (hi/low impact) 10:40-11:40 am (behind St. Angela School)* (starts July 5)

Yoga KRush Tuesday (fitness yoga fusion) 5:30-6:30 pm

Outdoor Bootcamp Tuesday 6:40-7:40 pm


Wednesday morning yoga 7:15-8:00 am

Outdoor Bootcamp Wednesday 6-7 pm

Trails, Paths & Pavement Running Group 7:10-8:10 pm


Thursday morning Fitness 10:40-11:40 am (behind St. Angela School)*

Low Impact and Sculpt Thursday 6- pm

Outdoor Core in 30 Thursday 7:10-7:40 pm


We offer 2 sessions throughout the summer with a cost between $15 and $25 per 4 to 5 week session!  Session one runs June 27th through to July 28th and Session two begins August 8 and ends September 1 (Monday through Friday options). Registration is available now at  


All classes (except morning 10:40-11:40 am) are located in the park by the canoe launch and washroom shack at Meewasin Park (Whiteswan and Pinehouse Drive).  Keep active and fit this summer with the SHCA!



Watch for more information on a Family Yoga option in August.  


We hope you enjoy what the SHCA has to offer!  




Boot Camp - Strength, agility, flexibility, balance and cardio fitness. Expect to sweat. Come prepared for a challenging workout that uses a variety of equipment, including benches and play structures, and also concentrates on body weight exercise. You will need athletic foot wear (not sandals or shoes that favour fashion over function). You will also need a large water bottle, and a mat. It is recommended that you bring a pair of cycling or weight lifting gloves to protect your hands while performing exercises on the grass, and that you wear a hat.


Core in 30 - The muscles in the core of the body (back and abs) are the target of this workout. Body weight, weights, bands, standing, sitting, moving …. we will cover the spectrum. The idea of the class is to increase strength and back health. We will also explore the myths and realities of 6 packs, killer abs, function and back pain. Participants should be healthy enough for exercise, and if experiencing any pre-existing back pain, should specifically be cleared for exercise by their doctor or physiotherapist. Bring a large water bottle, and a mat. It is recommended that you wear a hat.


Low Impact & Sculpt - Adults should get about 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise in order to ward off unwanted changes in body composition and loss of strength. Lower body strength, in fact, is one of the best indicators of independence. Those who maintain muscle mass tend to suffer fewer injuries due to falls and tend to remain living independently for a greater length of time. Maintaining flexibility, balance and healthy heart and lungs is also key to aging well. The atmosphere in this class is fun, no stress and non-competitive. Bring a large water bottle, and a mat. It is recommended that you wear a hat.


Morning Fitness - Join in the park for our fabulous "HI-Low" class! This class is all about options. Almost every athletic move can be modified to a level that is more or less intense. Just as that intensity level can change, so can the impact choice. This class is all about instructing those options. You pick what feels right for your body on the day. If you don't feel great about bouncing and running, not to worry, we can still help you get a great workout. If you love plyometrics (putting explosive into movement), we've got you covered. Bring a large water bottle, and a mat. It is recommended that you wear a hat. See you in the park!


Rise 'n Shine Yoga - Meet us in the park to start your day off right with Sun Salutations and more. If you have a lot of yoga experience, terrific! If you have never, ever, ever attended a yoga class, equally terrific! We'll guide you through. Yoga is about stretching, strength, balance, breathing and letting go of stress. Do not expect us to be super serious though, as we believe that yoga needs smiles and laughs. Gentle and energizing, make this the best start to your mid-week morning. Bring your mat, a little blanket or bath sheet, your water bottle, and your willing heart.


Trails, Paths & Pavement Running Group - We are expanding our popular Learn to Run and Trail Running class with this "all terrain" run group. You'll need a good pair of running shoes, and it's best to come prepared with sunglasses, a hat, and properly hydrated. This class will go rain or shine, and we'll try to pick different paths so it doesn't become too routine. The aim it to go trails for the most part, but we won't rule out some hard surface contact. The goal is to have fun, and we will never leave anyone behind (EVER!). We are building endurance and joy of the sport. See you on the trails!


Yoga KRush - This class is all about strength, balance and flexibility. It's bootcamp meets the stretch and strength of yoga. It's exercise fusion at it's finest. Weaving yoga into a well rounded program that will challenge the body, but winding down to a restful conclusion. Dress appropriate for the weather, and please bring water and your yoga mat.


**This class will run at the same time as the City of Saskatoon Playground Program.  If you have children that are 6-12 years of age, they can participate in the City program free of charge while you work out!  Playground Program starts beginning of July.**



Parents please note - Although we aren't able to accommodate children at the indoor classes (rentals and safety issues), outdoor SHCA classes are different.  If you want to bring your children with you to class, please feel free to do so (supervision is the parent's responsibility)!  It's good to discuss that for the children's own safety they need to be a safe distance away from the actual workout area (participants and equipment).  In the past a few parents have brought their kids along and they either sit on the sidelines or a safe distance away and it has worked out just fine.


Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns!


Silverwood Heights