Get in the game with Hollandia Soccer!

Are you looking for a team sport for your child that balances competition and fun and can be enjoyed for their whole life? 

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Many children play soccer in their communities - it is great exercise, builds a great sense of community, and is a lot of fun. However, when it is time to make the transition to club soccer at age 9 many don't continue because they worry about it being too competitive. Alternatively, many stop playing soccer in favour of other sports, that they end up not continuing in, and are left looking for a way to be active with a group their own age apart from school sports.

Club soccer is meant to be a non-threatening, learning based environment that makes space for all ability and experience levels of players. We get new players in our under 17 divisions each season. We also train, and send players to the most elite soccer competitions in the country. Whatever your experience level we would love to welcome you to (or back to) our Hollandia family this season. 

For further information and to register for the indoor season: