Fall 2018 Registration will open on Tuesday, August 21 @ 7 pm (note evening TUESDAY, AUGUST 21 @ 7 pm) online at registration.silverwoodcommunity.org.  Evening is incorrect in the fall newsletter and leisure guide - date is correct. Register early to avoid disappointment!  Soccer and Basketball registration opens at the same time as indoor programming options.

Schedules posted below may change.  Please check back often.  We appreciate your patience more than ever this session.  A new booking system with the Saskatoon School boards has made planning for programming especially complicated.  We are working our hardest to ensure a smooth start to fall programs, but anticipate there may be a few changes to dates, times and locations.  We will email you with details and update our online calendar, but if you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!  Even better, please offer your help as a class contact

Summer registration is closed. 

Hope we see you back in the fall!  Email programming@silverwoodcommunity.org with questions.


Indoor & Outdoor Programming Calendar

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SHCA Instructor Biographies

Please note that you will be able to purchase your SHCA membership at the same time as when you register for your SHCA program. Silverwood Heights Community Association honours all community association memberships.

Contact Michele at 306-321-7540 for more information or email programming@silverwoodcommunity.org

Cheques for classes can be made out to SHCA and mailed to 403 Silverwood Road, Saskatoon, SK, S7K 6G1

Is Cost a Barrier for you and your family, but you want to attend our programs? It doesn't have to be. Email us for more information. Cost as a Barrier (CAAB) Policy

Also check out the Creative Kids Saskatchewan website for funding opportunities, supported activities, and the Creative Kids application.

Rules & Other Community Association Memberships

The Silverwood Heights Community Association honours other community association memberships

  • If you have any suggestions for new programming or feedback on the current programming please pass your comments along to Michele at programming@silverwoodcommunity.org