Silverwood Heights Community Association

The Silverwood Heights Community Association is a non-profit organization run by dedicated volunteers in the Silverwood Heights neighborhood, located in the north of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Our fiscal operating period is September 1st of the calendar year to August 31st of the next following year.

Membership fees ($10) are yearly and also expire on August 31st.

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to foster an environment that promotes community involvement for the betterment of all those who live, work, learn, and play here. We will be an advocate for our residents, a partner with local businesses, and a liaison to our city’s various departments.

Vision Statement

We will serve the needs of the community through recreational, social, and educational programs for seniors, adults, children/youth, and preschoolers.

Our goal is to unite our members and focus their collective energy on projects and events that improve the education, safety, health, and welfare of our neighbors and make Silverwood Heights a better place to live.


Constitution and Bylaws

Policies and Procedures

Anyone interested in more information please contact a SHCA member.