WJL Harvey Park Upgrade Information

As of the end of 2010:Hello Silverwood Heights Community Association, I have received an update regarding the park. It is not completely certain yet when the school children would be able to access the park, however, after laying the grass seed, access would only occur after the ground freezes. Below is an email detailing the public process that occurred and an update as to where the park development is at this point. Please do not hesitate to call with any questions.

“As with all park upgrades, WJL Harvey was vetted through a public consultation process. We hold a public meeting to get input regarding the upgrade (what do residents want to “see and do”), and once we have reviewed the input, completed a conceptual design, we return for a second public meeting to present the concept.

There were also some meetings with students at the schools to get input from them, and there was a safety audit completed (with public involved) to review public safety concerns…” through a safety audit.

“In terms of progress of the park upgrade, it has been impacted, like most other Capital projects throughout the city, by our over abundance of rainfall in 2010. We have had delays, and the project was started at the end of June in order to avoid work while school was underway in June and ball season was still open.

Here is where we are right now:

All storm sewer infrastructure is installed. Rough grading of the site is 95% complete and topsoil (from stockpiles on site) has been placed back on about 70% of the site. Topsoil placement is proceeding as we speak. Irrigation has started as of late last week.

Once the topsoil placement is complete the next important step is installing the path system. There are about 2.0 km of new paths to be installed along with 64 path lights.

Once the path is in the remainder of work can proceed, including fine grading and seeding, tree and shrub planting and other incidental work such as site furniture installation.

Our contractor is working to complete as much of the project as possible this fall, weather permitting.”

Thanks and I hope this helps for now.

Marieke Knight Community Consultant (Area 5)