Meewasin/Trans Canada Trail Extension

The extension of the Meewasin/Trans Canada Trail from White Swan Drive to Adilman Drive is complete and ready for pedestrian and bicycle use. This paved path overlooks the river, behind Ball Crescent and Perreault Crescent. Temporary barricades are in place because of complaints that motorized vehicles are using the path. Eventually, permanent trail markers, or bollards, will replace the barricades to keep motorized vehicles off the path. The Meewasin Valley Authority and the City of Saskatoon are developing a new and improved standard for bollards to provide safe and accessible entrance for cyclists and pedestrians.

For next year, based on funding, plans are in place to further extend the trail from Aidlman Drive to Kinnear Avenue. The trail extension will pass through the Factoria site - an important historical site from the early days of Saskatoon and the Silverwood neighbourhood. This trail will also meander through naturally sensitive area with many native prairie grass and plant species, wildlife including a den, and fantastic vistas of the river. The future goal is to connect Saskatoon to Wanuskewin Heritage Park.

Enjoy our new path!