Newsletter now available online & Updated indoor fall programming information

Hello Silverwood Residents! We hope everyone is enjoying the tail end of summer before school starts. We also hope that you have received a printed copy of our Fall 2011 newsletter in the mail this week via Canada Post. It looks like many of you did as I see a big spike in web traffic yesterday! Thanks so much; please tell your neighbors and sign up for email news updates by entering in your email address on the right hand side of the page (Note: you will see the frequency of updates by scanning the most recent posts on our homepage; we don't update all that frequently so you shouldn't have to worry about any excess spam.)

Newsletter Download:

In case you did not receive it, we have made a copy available electronically here (PDF Download, 4,500 KB so it might take a minute or two to fully load).

Fall 2011 indoor programming changes since print:

If you are only interested in the updates to the Fall 2011 Indoor Programming schedule, please find it on the programs page.

Thanks sincerely,

Lesia Payne, Communications & Web Director