Additional Online Registration Information

A few points before registration opens tonight at 6:00pm:

  • Every household needs a new $10.00 SHCA membership fee. This fee will be valid until September 7th, 2013
  • If you _already have_ a valid membership with another association, there will be a box to input that information, and the $10.00 fee will be waived

Also, regarding the possibility of a class being full when you are trying to register for it:

  • Your seat will be deducted and secured UPON CLICK OF FINAL PAYMENT (or pay via cheque) CONFIRMATION.  _Not_ by simply adding the item to your cart.
  • Therefore, it _will_ be possible that, at the end of the registration process, you find out that one of the courses you want to register for, is already full because somebody clicked the button faster than you.  This is a somewhat similar situation to being in line first at the in-person registration nights, however, there is a bit of extra work involved before you will know if your course is full: You will have to enter in all of your personal details.  We have chosen to do this on purpose as it is not feasible (and opens up added complications) if we utilized a "hold your seats while you fill out your form"  type of system like Ticket Master.
  • AS SUCH, if you are registering in a course that you KNOW will be very popular, and you have other courses to register for as well that are NOT as popular,  you _may_ want to register for the popular course _first_ and _separately_ so that you do not have to fill out as many details before confirming your registration. You will be able to register for your remaining courses easily later with all of your information saved, using the same login.

Please email Michele at if you have any further questions.