Thank you! Overall, first online registration night a big success!

The first SHCA online registration night was a success! The feedback from so many people has been very positive and very encouraging. If you enjoyed the experience, we would LOVE to hear your positive feedback at To all registrants that paid their $10.00 registration fee, we are aware that the e-mail confirmation did not add the correct total. HOWEVER, your Credit Card would have been charged the correct total (including the $10.00) and/or you should drop off the full amount including the $10.00 registration fee via cheque.

Overall, 98% of registrations went through a smooth registration process!

For the remaining 2%: we apologize about the "nothing happening" error at the end of the process that was happening. Our system was overloaded with MUCH MORE initial interest than we initially had anticipated, and we were also unfortunately being bombarded by a few unwanted outside visitors maliciously trying to slow down our system.

Additionally,  there may have been a few additional credit card processing errors for a small small percentage of transactions. These transactions may not have been charged the correct amount.  We will attempt to contact you to resolve these errors, however, please free to forward your confirmation e-mail to Michele if  your email total (and credit card records) show anything other than what it should be (minus the $10.00 registration fee error we were already aware of).

Thank you!!