A Snowy Silverwood Update

Firstly, we want to officially welcome our NEW Silverwood Community Association president, Keith Briant.  In his own words, "the cat came back", and we are happy to have him again. A full welcome message and some of what Keith has in store will be highlighted in the upcoming Winter 2012/2013 Newsletter. We also want to sincerely thank Andrew Koehn for his time as president with the SHCA. There were so many positive changes in the past few years and we are very grateful to have such dedicated volunteers. The next newsletter will be arriving at your doorsteps after Christmas.  Registration date will be Wednesday, January 9th. More information to follow in the coming month.

We will have our programming information up on the website _prior_ to residents receiving the printed newsletter. And, we will announce it in our blog when it has been posted. Sign-up for e-mail updates (right hand side of this page) or check back often if you're looking for programming information.

The next SHCA Meeting (all are welcome to provide any input, suggestions, requests, etc.) on Dec.4 at 7.00pm at Silverwood Heights Staff room.