Are you interested in Community Gardening?

Silverwood Heights community GardeningWho we are: We are a group of University of Saskatchewan students who are working on a project regarding urban food production and expanding community garden land in Saskatoon. We are hoping to be able to create a new garden space in the Silverwood Heights area. The interest and support for the garden must come from the community in order for the process to begin. We are looking for your support and interest in supporting a community garden in your area! Email if you are interested.

How it works: A community garden is a piece of land for community members who wish to garden, but either do not have the outdoor space or proper garden space in their backyards. The garden may be located on municipal land, parkland, in schoolyards or churchyards, and on privately owned land. Community interest and willingness to participate and maintain the garden must be acquired in order to fill out a city application and ensure there is continued upkeep of the garden. Once the desired piece of land has been acquired the garden area is divided up into plots. A member or a family of the community has access to a designated plot in order to grow vegetables, fruit, herbs, or ornamental flowers for the growing season.

Benefits of a community garden:

  • Fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Local, organically grown produce
  • Food security
  • Easy (walking) access to garden
  • Community involvement – get to know your neighbors!

Community Gardens in Saskatoon: CHEP (Child Hunger and Education Program) works with community gardens throughout Saskatoon. To view a brochure of CHEP’s role in community gardens throughout Saskatoon click on the link:

The link provided below will take you to the CHEP website, community garden chapter, where you will be able to see the locations of all of the CHEP community gardens throughout Saskatoon.
The Story of the City Park Community Garden:

Great link! Step-by-step pictures of the community garden process from start to finish!

Contact Us!!

If you have any interest/inquiries in participating in a community garden in your area please contact Ruth Kost at We will also be attending the community association meeting on Feb 5 to explain the garden process and answer any further questions there may be.