The City of Saskatoon is warning residents about an email scam involving someone pretending to be from the City Tax Department.

The City’s Assessment and Taxation Branch has received phone calls and emails from concerned residents that have received the same scam message that hit the inboxes of Regina residents this week.

The message appears to be from someone named Rhonda Begley, representing the Property Tax Department. There is no one named Rhonda Begley who works at Saskatoon or Regina City Hall. The email asks recipients to download an attached file, however, the City strongly advises all residents not to open the email or download as they probably have a virus or worm in them.

The City of Saskatoon would not contact property owners in this format, and there is no knowledge of where this improper email originates from. It is fairly evident from the spelling that the request is not legitimate, and there is no indication that it is linked to the City of Saskatoon.

Anyone receiving the email is asked to contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501. For more City of Saskatoon Public Service Announcements, News Releases, Traffic Detours and Service Alerts, visit or connect with the City of Saskatoon on Twitter and Facebook.