September School Reports

Silverwood Heights School

We are pleased to welcome 208 students to our school this year, which includes 36 amazing kindergarten students! At this time last year we had an enrolment of 186. It has been fantastic starting our school year off with so many wonderful children and families! We continue to have high academic standards for our students, and want every day to be filled with learning.

Our key areas of focus for 2013-2014 in the area of literacy will be: having each student read at or above grade level in reading. We will also ensure our students understand and effectively use the writing process (pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing, publishing). In Math we are focusing on understanding of number concepts and mastery of basic operations. Personal wellness and being healthy individuals matters to us.

We are very fortunate to be the recipients of a grant from Goodlife Fitness of $6 675.00 to support InMotion at Silverwood Heights School. Students will participate in many activities that they may not have previously tried in a safe and fun environment. This builds on the initiative we started last year with the incredible support of our Parent Council and the Silverwood Community Association. We are fortunate to be part of an incredibly supportive community.

You may have noticed construction. Our roofing project continues. This spring construction started to re-roof all of Silverwood Heights School. The estimated completion date is for the majority of work to be completed by the end of September. Flashing will be installed in the weeks that follow. Good things are happening at SHS!

Sister O'Brien

  • Sept 13th Sister O'Brien is having its Welcome Week Pancake Breakfast from 8-9 am
  • Sister O is having it's AGM and meet the teacher night on Sept 17th.
  • School Wins Twice Raffle tickets came out today - our current goal is to purchase a permanent lawn sign for Sister O'Brien.


Brownell school held it's first SCC / Parent Council meeting on Sept 9th.  We would like to both the returning and new staff members to our school.  Our current enrollment numbers are 266.  Our Kindergarten class has a total of 31 students and we will now be splitting the class to have both a morning and afternoon program.  Families are adjusting to the new schoolhours.  We will be having our Family BBQ and Meet the Teachers Night on Thursday, September 19th.  We will kickoff our magazine fundraiser on September 18th. The school will be focusing on promoting safety within and around the school zone.

We look forward to yet another successful school year.

St. Angela

  • School is back in full swing with the first day of classes starting on September 4th, 2013 and the new school start time of 8:50am.
  • 225 Students registered from Grade 1 to 8, with 40 Kindergarten students for two full classes this year--great news!
  • Council met to prepare budget for school year with first council meeting set for September 30th, 2013.
  • September 19th--Meet the Teacher/Family BBQ planned for a social event at the School--combining welcome breakfast and meet the teacher night all into one event.
  • We welcome our new Principal at St. Angela School--Tony Bairos.

Marion Graham Collegiate

It was a busy welcome week at Marion Graham Collegiate, with many activities planned to welcome the Gr 9 students to the school community.  The arts, clubs and athletics are also well underway. The school’s most ambitious initiative continues to be working toward offering every student an “appropriate level of challenge” in their studies. The staff leaders have set out the following goal for Marion Graham staff: To provide every Marion Graham student with the opportunity to have the level and amount of learning challenge that is appropriate for him/her, supported by using technology when applicable. This goal continues the work that was done last year providing appropriate challenge and from the Powering Up initiative. The results that were observed from last year’s efforts were impressive and we look forward to a continuation of that success this year.

Meet the Teacher Night for Gr 9 -  September 9. Teachers of Gr 9 classes will be here to meet parents, talk about their courses and answer any questions that parents might have.

The School Community Council will meet on Monday, September 23 at 7:00 pm in the Library (this will also be the SCC’s AGM).

For parents of students in the collegiate, be sure to access the Parent Portal for ongoing updates about activities within the school.

The new MMGCI  2013-14 bell schedule is as follows:

We look forward to a busy year of learning and growing!