Sewage Plant Leaflet - Important Information

If you have recently received a leaflet regarding a new Sewage Treatment Plant on Arthur Rose Avenue, please read the following message from Randy Donauer, Ward 5 City Councillor.

"Someone is distributing a leaflet in Silverwood that claims the City is putting a new sewage treatment plan on Arthur Rose Avenue.  It is encouraging people to stand against it.  They encourage people to call me, but I’m concerned some may not.


The information is not correct.  In fact, we have a two part plan to reduce order and the impact of the sewage treatment plant in Silverwood.


1.       We are spending over $8 Million this year and next to upgrade the plant on Whiteswan and reduce odour by 86%.

2.       We are stopping all the septic trucks that currently drive through Silverwood to dump at the plant on Whiteswan.


Instead of having the septic trucks drive through residential areas, we are going to put a depot in the north industrial… like an RV station… to stop the septic trucks before they get to Silverwood.  They will hook up to a pipe in the industrial area instead.  It will be air tight, there will be no open sewage, and there is to be no odour.   All they do is hook up and drain into the same underground sewage system than your toilet drains into… much like an RV station.  There is no sewage treatment taking place at the depot.   In fact, this will reduce odour, protect our residential roads, and keep these trucks out of Silverwood in the future.


There is no more sewage coming into Saskatoon.  There is no new treatment plant going in the north end.  In fact, we are stopping trucks from entering into the residential areas and keeping them in the industrial area where they belong.  There is no odour and no contamination.  We are simply taking what they do in Silverwood, and making them do it in an industrial area.  This is an improvement… not a new plant."

Silverwood Heights