Possible Odour present in Silverwood

Starting Jan. 26, an environmental remediation near the construction site of the North Commuter Parkway will begin. The work area includes the land along the proposed road for the project, and the adjacent property which the City recently secured for the project.

The process is expected to take approximately 11 days and will be managed by Graham Commuter Partners, the company the City contracted to undertake the Bridging to Tomorrow Project.

During the 1960s and 1970s, the area was used as a landfill. The earth-covered waste material is primarily tallow (animal fats). The clean-up will include excavating and removing the contaminated material according to a plan developed by GCP and approved by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment. Once complete, the soil will meet the new Saskatchewan Environmental Code Standards that are now in place.

During the remediation, there may be some odour in the vicinity of the work zone. While the odour might be unpleasant, it’s not harmful. The City will monitor the process and work with GCP to ensure all reasonable controls are in place to mitigate any odour as much as possible.

If residents have questions or concerns, they may call GCP’s information line at 1-877-800-0138. The City thanks residents in advance for their patience while this work is completed.

For more information on the North Commuter Parkway project, visit Saskatoon.ca/bridging.

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Silverwood Heights