So glad that you could, DROP IN.

The SHCA drop in options are now available.  To ease volunteer/instructor workload, drop in registration and payment by credit card will be available online only. 

When a registration for drop in classes is completed, we are advised by email and we in turn notify the instructor.  In many of the classes we have a designated volunteer who will monitor attendance and will confirm that drop ins are registered.  

The following classes are the only classes in which drop ins are available:


Monday - Core in 30

Tuesday - Zumba

Wednesday - Low Impact Core & More; Core in 30; Jazzercise

Thursday - PiYo Live; Zumba; TRX

Friday - Fitness on Friday Night

Saturday - Low Impact & Sculpt; Trails, Paths & Pavement; Yoga, Flow Multi-level


Remember to check the calendar for cancellation dates and any changes to location/time.

Drop in fees vary from $5-$10 per class.  See registration site for dates, locations and exact pricing details.  Register at

If you have any questions or comments about the SHCA Drop-in classes, please contact us at 306-321-7540 or


Silverwood Heights