Brownell School (Public)

Brownell School is a wonderful school in a welcoming and supportive north-end community of Saskatoon. We welcome the opportunity to share with you some of the strengths of our learning community.

At Brownell, our focus is on student learning. We are deeply committed to meeting the learning needs of each child, and regularly upgrade our professional skills in curriculum and instruction to make the learning environment even better. Consistent and well-communicated behavioural and learning expectations are consistently applied to make our school a safe and welcoming place.

Marion M Graham Collegiate (Public)

Marion Graham Collegiate is a modern high school of over 750 students located in Saskatoon’s north end. Our students enjoy a safe learning environment that celebrates diversity and encourages and facilitates student success. Marion Graham students are given opportunities to excel through their participation in a variety of extracurricular activities or in an academic setting. As expressed in our school motto, learning is a clear priority within three major focal points: Academics, Arts and Athletics.

Silverwood Heights School (Public)

At Silverwood Heights School we believe in each child and their ability to be successful academically and socially. We believe in working with you as partners in your child’s education and that open and ongoing communication between home and school is critical to student success.

We work diligently to ensure our students have frequent and varied opportunities to learn both within the classroom and outside of the school. Our school is a vibrant place for children and adults. Although students are being challenged with their learning you will see smiles and hear laughter. By focusing on excellence we continue to build a positive and inclusive culture. We want every child to be confident and thriving in a safe and peaceful environment. We teach about positive peer relationships, friendships, being assertive and creating win-win situations.

We aim to make Silverwood Heights School a place where we all belong.

École Sister O’Brien (Catholic)

Belif Statement:
WE BELIEVE: École Sister O’Brien School is a community of parents, staff and students, each having a role in the development and education of the child. WE BELIEVE in a positive learning environment where everyone feels emotionally, spiritually and physically safe. WE BELIEVE in loving, laughing, caring and sharing. WE BELIEVE in a community respectful of each person’s dignity, property and ideas.

St. Angela School (Catholic)

Belief Statement:
FAITH, HOPE AND CHARITY: We come to know, to love, and to serve God, our creator, and each other. Through Christ’s example of unconditional, endless love and with guidance of the Holy Spirit, we hope each of us accepts the challenges in our lives to be Christ-like. RESPECT:We respect ourselves, others, property and our environment. HONESTY: We know that honesty is the basis for trust. FORGIVENESS: We all make mistakes. Mistakes are an opportunity for growth and forgiveness. INDIVIDUALITY: We are unique. Each of us has special gifts to offer. BELONGING: We care about each other. We feel we belong. We know we belong. LEARNING: We take responsibility for our learning. We do our best. COOPERATION: We work together to have a peaceful school and community. SAFETY: We have the right to feel safe. We have the responsibility for the safety of others. Each of us strive toward a positive attitude.

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