New Email Newsletter Subscription Service

Due to several complications with our blog to email plugin and our web host, we have switched to a different more powerful e-mail subscription program.  Everyone that has signed-up previously for e-mail updates will _automatically_ be subscribed for the new service. You do not have to do anything to continue to be subscribed. However, instead of sending e-mails instantly as they were posted, you will instead be receiving daily digests at 7:00PM ONLY if there are new posts on the website (this does not happen every day).  We ask for your feedback though: would you prefer receiving them at a different time? If so, email with your time suggestion, as we need to know what _you_, the subscribers, would prefer.

This change is also a positive step towards our hope of becoming one of the first community associations to go completely paperless. The volunteer hours, printing costs, and distribution costs of a printed newsletter are quite substantial and having a more sophisticated on-line newsletter system set up will bring us one step closer to this goal.

In fact, to facilitate this goal,  in our next printed newsletter (After Christmas), we will be running a contest for TWO $100 prizes JUST for signing up for our e-mail newsletter (existing subscribers will already be entered).   Make sure to check the newsletter that will arrive in your mail after Christmas for more details.

As the email subscription service has not been working properly last week, please note the recent post we've made regarding 2013 programming!