Here's the scoop, pick up after your pet!

As you are all aware, Silverwood Heights has a lot of wonderful greenspace that offers a diverse range of recreation such as playgrounds, walking trails, sports and more.

Failing to clean up after your pet is both unpleasant and a nuisance for others. When poop is left on sidewalks, streets, lawns or other open areas it can be washed away and carried by rainwater into storm drains into nearby rivers, lakes and streams, polluting the water and creating a health hazard for people.

Doing the right thing is easy! Pick up after your pet every time. It only takes a minute. Simply SCOOP the poop, BAG it, TIE it closed and TOSS it in the trash.

  • When walking your pet, take a bag with you. Tie the bags on the leash if you don't have a pocket or pack.
  • Keep a supply of bags handy near your dog leash, by the door or in your car.
  • When at home, long-handled "pooper scoopers" available at pet stores make it easy to pick up after pets without stooping over.

So, do your doody and help keep our parks a pleasant place for everyone!