SHCA Spring & Summer Program Schedules now available!

Excited to see which of SHCA's amazing classes will be available for you over the next couple months? Well your wait is over!

The 2015 Spring and Summer schedule is now available on our website! This year, we have approximately 20 kids classes and 30 adult classes to choose from! 


Irish Dance, Beginner 5-10 year olds

Co-ordinated children's class times with certain adult fitness classes (these will be noted on the schedule).  We're really hoping this will appeal to parents!  The kid's classes will take place in the same school at the same time.  Works for both kids and adults! 

Wiggle and Giggle Kids in Motion for 1-2 year olds

Dedicated Stretch class (one evening)

Popular returning programs include:

Tennis is back with the Riverside Tennis Club!  This is another one where parents can participate at the same time as their kids.

Learn to Run

Registration for these classes will begin Sunday, March 29th at 7:00p.m. and will close down Thursday, April 2nd at 10:00 p.m.