Fitness Trail Installation

Thanks to you Silverwood, we did it!!!

It's been confirmed!  We have been scheduled to have our installation starting on August 26th at 9am.  Park N Play will be there earlier that week to the initial groundwork and we will work all day Friday, Saturday and whatever part of Sunday we need to complete the installation.

Please consider helping (in whatever capacity) that weekend so that we ensure a successful installation.

Ideally, 10 or more volunteers are required to help lift and assemble as well as any other related tasks - but the more the merrier.

Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we have a smooth installation.  Please pass the word on to anyone who might be willing to help.

If you have any questions or want to help out (we will also need wheelbarrows on Sunday to move the equipment into place - so if you have one that you are willing to lend out - let me know), please send Cam an email or give him a call at 306-260-5113.

Thank you again to the Community for all the support you have provided to make this happen!

Silverwood Heights