SHCA Fall Registration Information

Fall registration begins on Sunday, August 28 th at 7:00. Registration will open for indoor programming, basketball and soccer programs with the Silverwood Heights Community Association. The indoor programming schedule will be available at by beginning of next week. Remember that program times and options may change. Always check the website for the latest version of the schedule.

Registration will close when programs fill or around Tuesday, September 6th .

Silverwood Heights Community Association is happy to be able to offer our community so many programs. To make it easier to find programs you want to register for, remember you can use the “filter” or “categories” options on the registration site:


Click on the right hand arrow in the appropriate box and select which category or filter you want. Of course all classes are listed under the day they run, with the exception of Soccer and Basketball. They are all listed under “Sunday” as they won’t have their practice schedules set for a bit. For more specific basketball and soccer information, please visit our website at or email or

You can also see details about the program by pressing the blue down arrow on the right of the program name.


If you have programming questions, please contact

Silverwood Heights